The Graffiti Table


Charlie Davidson has been working with the Danish graffiti artist Frederik Hesseldahl to create this 3D graffiti inspired coffee table.

The Graffiti table is a three dimensional canvas which moves through the space between the floor it stands on and the glass surface above.  A sculptural surface that can exist as a jutting form in its own right or as a piece of modern urban architecture ready for the work of a graffiti artist, in this instance, the work of Danish artist Frederik Hesseldahl .  The Graffiti table is both chaotic and systematic in its formulation and deliberate and cutting edge in its execution. Both the form and the applied artwork change and turn with every step around the table, It is never the same object twice.

The Object of Desire, Sweet Jane

Chaise Longue
Davidson’s luxurious chaise Longue.

Charlie Davidson’s The Object of Desire is on show at the Museum of design and contemporary arts in lausanne, Switzerland until the end of April 2015.  Davidson’s chaise longue forms part of a show titled Nirvana, Strange forms of pleasure which explores the influence of erotica in design, fashion and contemporary art.

Nirvana – Strange Forms of Pleasure, Opens today

Nirvana – Strange Forms of Pleasure
mudac, Lausanne
28 October to 26 April, 2015
Nirvana – Strange Forms of Pleasure, the latest exhibition to open at Mudac in Lausanne, Switzerland, should offer a comprehensive exploration of the influence of erotica in design, fashion and contemporary art. The show will feature more than 200 exhibits, made by around 100 contemporary creatives including Zaha Hadid, Marc Newson and Studio Job. The exhibition aims to encourage visitors to challenge their pre-existing perceptions of pleasure and to explore how pleasure can slip between the private and public spheres. In addition to the main exhibition space, three further rooms will be dedicated to bespoke installations focusing upon the work of three individual artists: Mark Woods, Betony Vernon and Nika Zupanc.


I work with my partner Bodil Soderlund on a number of projects. For the last year we have been exhibiting our conveyor installation and F4 ceramics including a window display for Heals’ during the Modern Craft Show in March 20 14 . During the 20 14 London Design Festival we installed the conveyor at The Design Junctions Flash Factories exhibiting along side Waterford crystal and the upholstery firm Coakley & Cox.

Our conveyor installation came out again for The Design Junction during the London Design Festival 2014
Our conveyor installation came out again for The Design Junction show during the London Design Festival 2014
Window display, Kings Road
Window display, Kings Road

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