The Crane Light

Davidsons Crane Light was launched at this years Milan furniture fair at Superstudio with Inredia, a Swedish organisation promoting the hottest Swedish interior design.

The Crane Light is a homage to the iconic Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers who championed the idea of using a giant cantilever to place a light pendent in the centre of a room. The unlikely origins of Davidson's Crane Light however started way back at the beginning of his professional career working in Denmark for the world renowned toy company LEGO. It was here he found a scale model of a mobile crane sitting on a shelf amongst the thousands of toys in LEGO’s collection, a seemingly useless but beautifully made object that Davidson saw a greater potential for. It was a few years later when he came across the Arco lamp in a shop that the connection between the two objects was made which sparked the beginning of the Crane Light.

Based on an impressive 1:50 scale model of the Terex Crawler crane with a height of 2.1m and a reach of 1.5m. The light shade draws inspiration from the crane theme with a scale model of an industrial electromagnet supporting an assemblage of glass tubes. 

Crane Light

1:50 scale model crane

& magnetised glass lighting sculpture

Crane Light at Röhsska design museum  Göteborg


Based on the worlds tallest mobile crane